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IDS is an independent provider of fourth-party logistics (4PL) solutions. This means we can manage the interaction with all your supply chain partners on your behalf, thus streamlining and optimizing your logistics operations. This eases the pressure and relieves you of hassle, helps you to cuts costs and ensures a continuous focus on performance improvement.

To achieve all this for our customers, we offer a wide variety of managed transportation services (MTS) and solutions – from arranging and managing ADR or temperature-controlled shipments, to establishing a Logistics Control Tower to handle all your international transportation needs. Another proven IDS concept is the coordination of Cross Chain Control Center (4C) solutions, whereby we bundle freight flows for various different customers and share the generated savings among them fairly and transparently.

Transport Management

Since we do not have our own assets, we are a truly neutral partner. Therefore, you can be sure that IDS will always select the best carrier or logistics service provider (LSP) for you in any given situation.

By working with IDS, you can:

  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Increase service levels
  • Gain more supply chain visibility
  • Boost productivity
  • Save capacity and resources
  • Optimize processes and structures