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Freight Audit & Pay

Let us take care of the finances of your transport

IDS helps you to stay in control of the administrative process in order to keep costs down. By streamlining the financial transport-related work processes within the relevant areas of your company, we improve your administrative efficiency in terms of rate calculation, invoice checking/payment management, internal cost allocation and dispute handling.

IDS prepares on a periodical basis a consolidated pre-bill for shipments executed. The pre-bill is based on the contractual tariffs and agreed surcharges. This report is the basis for a carrier to create their invoice.

Freight auditing
IDS compares the invoice to the prices as stated on the pre-bill or IDS receives an electronic invoice from the carrier and matches this with the freight data invoice record for validation.

Freight invoice consolidation
Based on the pre-bill IDS can provide a consolidated invoice statement per carrier including all the details. This statement can be used to pay the carrier.

Cost allocation
IDS can support your financial department by providing comprehensive reports based on cost centers. E.g. reports on customer, cost centers, countries and more.

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Do you know what percentage of invoices are wrong on average?

  • Lower costs
  • Fewer wrong invoices and disagreements
  • A smooth and simple process
  • Transparent and complete insight
  • From rate management to payment