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Continuous Improvement

Can it go any better? Yes it can!

Never settle for the current status quo and keep looking for better. Reduce costs, make better use of capacity, stimulate supply chain collaboration, increase efficiency and reduce your CO2 footprint. Great ambitions that we help to realize at IDS.

Smart consolidation
IWith IDS you benefit from many options to smartly consolidate shipments. By coordinating the pick-up and delivery dates and times, we can cleverly combine multiple transport orders. This leads to fewer shipments and fewer empty kilometres.

In addition, it is possible to financially merge transport orders with the same pick-up and delivery location and the same carrier into one shipment. This leads to lower costs and fewer administrative actions.

Another option is to combine transport orders with a delivery date and address in a certain period and radius. If shipments are geographically close enough to each other, we merge them into one shipment. The result is less chance of damage, fewer empty kilometres and a reduction in your CO2 emissions.

What if…
If your ambition is to become more sustainable and to take a closer look at your scope 3 CO2 emissions? We are happy to think along with you. Through simulations and what-ifs we look at new possibilities that help you to meet your objectives.

Performance management
On a periodic basis we analyze the shipment profile together.

Data is hot. Collect data and make it work for you. Through smart connectivity we reduce frustrations in the work and stimulate chain cooperation.

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When you do not move forward, you go backwards.

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Improve performance
  • Respond quickly to internal and external changes
  • Strengthen your competitive position
  • Increase customer satisfaction and satisfaction of internal teams