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What we do

Because there is more to transport

As your transport specialist, we organize and optimize your transport. As we do not have our own assets we can work 100% independently. This gives us the freedom needed to find the transport solution that best suits your shipments.

Our services are scalable so you can start quickly and easily and they scale up and down with the dynamics within your organization. They’re also focused on making you smarter so you can make the best decisions over and over again. And we help you become more sustainable in transport, helping you to realize your sustainability strategy. All with an enormous passion for the profession.

That’s the power of together. That’s the power of IDS!

Your personal transport specialist

Digital where possible, personal where it is just a little smarter or faster. Someone who knows your organization and always is there for you. Someone who knows what you find important and proactively helps achieving it. Almost like as if colleagues!

Existing carriers and new carriers
Do you already work very happily with certain carriers and do you want to keep them? Always do. Your IDS transport specialist will then work together with those carriers in whom you already have a lot of confidence.

Are you looking for carriers? Then benefit from IDS’s large network of country specialists. Carriers with a lot of local market knowledge. Both for FTL and LTL and Groupage. Palletized and freight with specific requirements such as ADR and conditioned.


From data to action
A smooth collaboration with your supply chain partners and proactive data sharing increases insight and the power to manage even better. Where is a shipment located at any given time? How do the costs build up? Where can I become more sustainable? What about the performance across the different modalities and transporters?

Relevant questions to which we provide the answer. We also like to go a step further and come up with suggestions and actions on how you can further control and improve costs, performance, CO2 emissions and quality.


Ready for tomorrow
It is a rapidly changing world, which is why we ensure that your organization can move with it. Ready to respond to the challenges of tomorrow. In addition, your transport specialist at IDS continuously looks at further improvements for your transport.


Start today!
From simple to very complex; whether it concerns urgent shipments, LTL (Less Than Truck Load), FTL (Full Truck Load) or Groupage. IDS organizes and optimizes, so that you can continue doing what you do best.

From Freight Forwarding to 4PL Logistics Control Tower. Our services are modular, so you can choose exactly what is important to you. We do not do difficult long-term contracts. You can scale up and down at any time. That’s our definition of resilience and collaboration.

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The best from both worlds

Digital where it’s smart and fast, personal where it is smarter and faster.

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