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Track & trace

Track your shipments. Avoid surprises.

Share real-time status information and predictive ETAs of your shipments with your supply chain partners to increase satisfaction and efficiency among all stakeholders.

Know when your shipment will arrive. Image the benefits that can bring.
Knowing where your shipment is and when you can expect it is a must-have. With IDS, every authorized person has insight into the planned date and any changes.

You can easily access this status information to internal teams and customers. This enables you to manage expectations in the right way, boost customer satisfaction and further optimize cooperation with your supply chain partners.

Because the information is directly accessible via a portal, you can see the current status overview of delivered and yet to be delivered shipments per route. Deviations from the schedule are displayed by means of color coding and alerts are sent by email and SMS. Transport milestones such as pick-up, delivery, actual delivery time and other relevant information are recorded in real time.

With one mouse click, the user can also proceed to the online tracking module, where the user can track the current location of the truck.

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From current status information to predictive ETAs. Stay informed:

  • Proactively inform your customers and manage expectations
  • Avoid additional costs
  • Improve collaboration with your supply chain partners
  • You determine the desired service level yourself
  • Optimize carrier and lane performance