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ADR and temperature controlled transport

Safety and quality first

Finding carriers for conditioned transport or ADR transport is not always easy. Make use of the IDS network with specialized carriers.

The international transport of chemicals and other dangerous goods by road must comply with very strict safety requirements and specific legislation (as laid down in the ADR Directive).

Benefit from years of experience in managing these complex goods flows and applying the ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding such shipments. As an independent transport specialist, IDS has an extensive European network of experienced, trained and certified carriers. From a single pallet to a full truck.

Temperature Controlled Transport
National and international laws and regulations stipulate that the transport of certain goods must meet very high quality requirements. Especially in view of the strongly changing climate zones in Europe, safeguarding the cold chain is essential to maintain product quality. At IDS we are experts in conditioned shipments.

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No compromises on safety and quality. IDS takes care of it:

  • Only work with experienced and certified carriers and drivers
  • Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of the combination carrier and IDS
  • Short lines of communication and tight planning
  • The control of all European shipments in one hand
  • Also when it’s time critical