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Exchanging data and documents between supply chain partners has never been easier.

The IDS Connectivity Hub is the EDI platform for the transportation industry. Are you also looking to boost productivity and job satisfaction, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and get ahead of upcoming disruptions? Savings of 70% to 90% are no exception.

What is EDI

EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange and refers to the standardized and automated exchange of data and documents between supply chain partners and their systems such as ERP systems, transportation management systems (TMS), warehouse management systems (WMS) or any other supply chain management system.

Common applications include exchanging purchase orders (POs), shipping notices (ASNs), invoices, payment statements, bills of lading (BOLs) and various logistics planning messages such as status information and ETAs.


So what is a managed EDI platform?

Choosing a managed EDI platform is choosing to outsource and be relieved in this area by subject matter experts and proven technology. Benefit from an EDI platform that is already ready for you and that has 35 years of experience. A robust and scalable infrastructure combined with experienced EDI specialists who take care of the connections for you.

The IDS EDI team is happy to take you by the hand. Throughout the entire process, from initial coordination to the actual building, testing and delivery. The team will also handle communication with your supply chain partners during the project. Once connected, the exchange of data and documents with your suppliers, customers, transport partners and other supply chain partners can begin immediately.

The Managed EDI platform is there for shipper and carrier.

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Everyone looks at the same data:

  • Reduce the number of calls and emails
  • Exchanging data between systems has never been easier
  • Encourage collaboration with your supply chain partners
  • Boost productivity and client satisfaction
  • Get informed in real-time and make decisions faster