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Data analytics & dashboards

From data to actionable insights

Close the gap between data, insights and action and easily turn raw data into actions. Interactive dashboards provide instant insight and help you make informed decisions quickly. IDS dashboards can be fully customized to your wishes and requirements.

Numbers that tell a story
Is your data also in different places? Is it hard to create that one view of the truth? When do you need your data the most? At IDS, we have the tools to make data-driven decisions when it matters most.

Via the dashboard you can analyze the data from any point of view, view reports and produce graphs and figures with just a few clicks. This results in a clear overview of carrier performance, shipping statistics, CO2 emissions, costs and even more management reports.

Make the data work for you!

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Let the numbers tell the story.

  • Get real-time insight
  • Make informed decisions
  • Have data and dashboard
  • Create your ideal helicopter view
  • Many useful analyses and reports already prepared for you