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Who we are

Fourth Party Logistics (4PL), first point of contact.

IDS, founded in 1988 and located in the centre of The Netherlands, is the first truly independent 4PL Logistics Control Tower in the Netherlands. Together with our partners in transport and technology we orchestrate and optimize transport flows by road, rail, air and water for our customers. We do this throughout Europe. We orchestrate, monitor, analyze, advise, assist, unburden and provide insight into supply chain optimization.

Optimized transportation gives you a strong competitive edge over others and boosts satisfaction. Whether it is with you suppliers or your customers. It is about driving loyalty and repeat business. And that is exactly what we are here for.

IDS is a 100% independent Logistics Control Tower. We do not own any trucks or warehouses ourselves. Instead we work together with many different carriers and technology partners across Europe to create your perfect fit.

In an increasingly digital world it is all about smart connectivity. At IDS we are experienced in connecting data, technology, systems and people. Also across supply chains.

We do not care about being the biggest. We care about being the best. The best for our clients and the best version of ourselves. Focused on increasing performance, lowering cost, creating visibility, improving collaboration across your supply chain and reducing your CO2 footprint.

IDS Academy

As creative transport orchestrators we are in the middle of the action every day. Empowering positive change, encouraging new thinking and looking for continuous improvement for our clients, carriers and environment.

More about IDS Academy