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Tender management

Find your ideal mix of carriers

Are you looking for carriers or is it time to benchmark existing performance again? Then executing a tender offers a interesting solution.

Compare and choose
Tendering is the term used to describe the procedure of comparing different carriers according to specific requirements, and then making an informed choice. The tender process makes it relatively easy to gain insight into potential carriers and their price/quality ratio.

In addition, this is an ideal opportunity to make clear contract agreements with the carriers. As a result, the risks for all parties are identified at an early stage.

The transportspecialists at IDS like to take the lead in tenders. We help you make informed choices for carriers that best fit your supply chain.

Based on a clear project plan, we carry out the analyses, come up with recommendations and process the necessary documentation. We also act as the first point of contact in the process, for example when a shipper initially wants to remain anonymous and/or if the time and resources are lacking.

The carrier as a reliable and competitive transport partner
For carriers, a tender offers interesting opportunities to present various services in more detail. Thanks to carefully drawn up tender documents, carriers also know exactly which requirements they must meet. This makes quotations clearer, risks less and gives all the ingredients for creating stability and continuity between reliable and qualitative partners.

The goal we pursue together is clear: cost and time savings, quality improvements, risk management and contractual certainty so that disputes are prevented.

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Why choose Tender Management from IDS?

  • Save time and costs
  • Find the best carriers that strengthen your supply chain
  • Work according to a structured process
  • Identify risks early
  • 100% transparent