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The road to paperless

Make your transport activities faster, easier and more efficient. Ensure that your supply chain stakeholders exchange information more smoothly and can work more closely together by using the eCMR as an alternative to the paper consignment note.

The road to paperless
Opt for fewer administrative tasks and create real-time insight. Sender, carrier and receiver work together on the same platform in which shipments can be tracked in real time. All parties can also communicate smoothly with each other via a eCMR.

eCMR stands for Electronic Consignment Note and is the digital alternative to the well-known paper CMR document. CMR is an international treaty that regulates the rights and obligations of both the sender and the carrier when transporting goods internationally by road.

eCMR offers numerous advantages over paper CMR documents. Including time savings, cost savings, efficiency, real-time tracking and reducing paper waste. This electronic consignment note is not yet widely used and its adoption may vary depending on the country and parties involved. Ask an IDS Transport specialist for advice for your shipments.

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Reduce paperwork by using eCMRs:

  • Fewer administrative tasks
  • Easy access to eCMRs of which you are part of
  • Insight into who, when and where signed for pick-up and delivery
  • Real-time insight and proof of delivery of the eCMRs
  • Filter based on status and your role during transport