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International Freight Forwarding

Hassle-free coordination of your shipments

Your first point of contact

Whether you only have a few small shipments per year, a couple of pallets per month or multiple pallets and full loads every day or week. IDS International Freight Forwarding is there to find the best solution for you. Every day and every shipment again.

It is our ambition to make sure you can focus on your business while we ‘connect the dots’ and provide you with exceptional transport solutions.

We make your ambitions happen

Whether it is helping to lower the price of shipping by smart consolidation or tendering, or improving performance. We will help you to optimize. Or are you looking to decarbonize your transport or considering to change modality? IDS is right there with you to make it happen.

Plan for the unexpected

Both your suppliers and customers expect their goods to be picked up or delivered on time, every time. At IDS we have protocols in place to help you drive (customer) satisfaction, cost savings, performance and happiness.

We got you covered

Offering clear added value also in complex situations or when its a rush shipment. Particularly for freight with specific demands, such as shipments of hazardous goods (ADR) and temperature controlled forwarding. IDS is your first point of contact so you can focus on growing your business.

Where collaboration and connectivity meet

Discover our powerful platform. We believe in the true meaning of collaboration and connectivity. Through smart connectivity you benefit from ‘the very best’ in software and services. Making it work in harmony it creates unique 4PL Logistics Control Tower solutions that meet your ambitions every day and every shipment again.