With our independence, IDS can find the best solution for you and select the carrier offering the best rates for any given situation.


Our services

IDS is an independent provider of fourth-party logistics (4PL) solutions. This means we can manage the interaction with all your supply chain partners on your behalf, thus streamlining and optimizing your logistics operations. This eases the pressure and relieves you of hassle, helps you to cuts costs and ensures a continuous focus on performance improvement.

To achieve all this for our customers, we offer a wide variety of managed transportation services (MTS) and solutions – from arranging and managing ADR or temperature-controlled shipments, to establishing a Logistics Control Tower to handle all your international transportation needs. Another proven IDS concept is the coordination of Cross Chain Control Center (4C) solutions, whereby we bundle freight flows for various different customers and share the generated savings among them fairly and transparently.


Since we do not have our own assets, we are a truly neutral partner. Therefore, you can be sure that IDS will always select the best carrier or logistics service provider (LSP) for you in any given situation.

By working with IDS, you can:

  • Reduce supply chain costs
  • Increase service levels
  • Gain more supply chain visibility
  • Boost productivity
  • Save capacity and resources
  • Optimize processes and structures

IDS Dashboard

Why should large multinationals be the only ones to benefit from the advantages of a Logistics Control Tower? The IDS Dashboard enables smaller companies to reap the benefits too, by combining smart ICT systems with the knowledge of our experienced transport specialists. All relevant information is presented to you in a clear and customizable dashboard, giving you improved visibility into cost-saving opportunities right from day one.

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Logistics Control Tower and Cross Chain Control Center (4C) solutions

At IDS, we can set up a Logistics Control Tower or Cross Chain Control Center (4C) to maintain a complete overview of all your shipments and coordinate them efficiently. Our state-of-the-art Transport Management System enables us to combine freight flows of various shippers, in order to achieve an optimal consolidation that will generate cost savings. We provide each customer with regular, transparent reports on the bundled shipment flows and the consolidation benefits achieved.

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At IDS, we are specialists in arranging and managing transport by road, sea and air, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. We offer clear added value, particularly for freight with specific demands, such as shipments of hazardous goods (ADR), temperature-controlled forwarding or secure transport. No challenge is too great for IDS to tackle. Thanks to our proactive communication with our customers and our problem-solving approach, we truly put the ‘plus’ into Transport+ .

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In the fast-moving and ever-changing world of logistics, many companies find it difficult to keep track of the latest developments. At IDS, we offer consultancy services including scenario planning, life cycle supply chain management, benchmarking, tendering and contract management. Our experts help our customers to keep pace with market changes and continuously optimize their transportation agreements and distribution activities as the foundation for success – both now and in the future.

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