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How it all started

We're just getting started

How it all started

We go back to the year 1988. It is the year in which the Netherlands becomes European football champion and where TV commentator Theo Reitsma spoke the legendary words: ‘Yes, this is a good team!’ And there is more success. PSV wins the European Cup for national champions and Yvonne van Gennip wins 3 gold medals in the 1,500, 3,000 and 5,000 meters during the Winter Olympics in Calgary.

And 1988 is not only a good year from a sporting point of view. There are also developments on the Dutch motorway. For example, this is the year in which the maximum speed was increased from 100 to 120 km per hour and this is the year in which a number of transport companies, as real country specialists, cleverly join forces to create a nicely covering road transport network through Europe. A network that allowed customers to be served even better and even more completely. By real specialists.

And in order to further increase that customer experience and service, it was decided to outsource the entire organization to a newly founded organization, IDS. A one-stop-shop on top of real country specialists.

And that’s what we still are today. But now with so much more carriers and covering all modalities, throughout Europe. And also 100% independent. In addition, we are strongly committed to adopting technology in the areas of digitization, sustainability, real-time visibility, supply chain collaboration and (big) data & analytics.

Creating value

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