Minimize your variable costs thanks to our pay-per-use model

ICT Manager

In addition to the initial outlay, an internal application and / or a Transport Management System (TMS) requires regular maintenance and updates, making it both time consuming and costly. By benefiting from IDS’s specialized state-of-the-art transport management and control software instead, you ease the burden on your IT department. Application management, technical infrastructure, maintenance and installation of new software all become things of the past! As part of our managed transportation services, our system is always up to date with the very latest functionalities, and these can be easily adapted for your company’s needs. The IDS system also puts an end to investment discussions about the replacement of your own system or servers and the associated project costs.

Reduce investment and running costs

In addition to saving on investment costs and labour costs, you minimize your variable costs thanks to our pay-per-use model (pre-agreed fixed fee per transaction), giving you transparency and control.