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10 key benefits of a Managed EDI Platform

Do you recognise that too? All those Excel sheets, emails and phone calls to get the right information in the right place? Are you dreading expanding your carrier network? Do you sometimes miss out on the right (status) information? Or are you sometimes simply unable to respond in time?

Turn to digitalisation.
The transformation to digital solutions is in full swing and constantly offers new opportunities for efficiency and innovation. So too with supply chain connectivity, or collecting data in one place and then unlocking that information smartly and, above all, quickly in other systems at other links in your supply chain.

‘It’s all about improving productivity, increasing visibility and optimising chain collaboration.’

Supply chain connectivity enables organisations to respond flexibly to change, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction and minimise risks. Thanks to digitising data and document traffic, teams immediately become more productive as they can fully focus on the things that require attention.