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Brunschwig Chemie

De Brexit de baas samen met Brunschwig Chemie

The UK’s departure from the EU took quite a toll on the logistics sector. Brunschwig Chemie, an importer and distributor of speciality/fine chemicals, production chemicals and hazardous substances, saw this coming.

If import and export documentation is not 100% perfect, the risk of a refused cargo increases. Brunschwig selected IDS as 4PL Control tower in the run-up to Brexit. IDS now unburdens the Amsterdam company in the handling of customs matters among other activities.

Brunschwig imports products from Canada, among other countries, and then distributes them throughout Europe and to the United Kingdom. The company has engaged IDS for two reasons. Firstly because of the Control Tower role, secondly because of the Brexit challenges. Thijs Boon, who works for Brunschwig: “As a specialist shipper, it is impossible for us to maintain contacts with all kinds of carriers. A Control Tower turned out to be the best solution. This gives us a single point of contact. IDS, with their knowledge of dangerous goods (ADR), was best suited to meet our demand. In case of an emergency, it is very nice to know that when we call, everything is well arranged.”

‘I deliver my things and IDS does the rest’
And then there was Brexit.Boon: “During the discussion about the consequences of Brexit on Brunschwig Chemie, IDS came up with the proposal to take over Brunschwig’s export documentation, including the implementation of improvements to the files. We first tested this way of working with two shipments and then rolled it out widely. It all works very well, which makes me trust IDS when it advises me. I deliver my things and IDS does the rest.”

A thorough preparation for Brexit
Boon states that he did not see all consequences of Brexit coming. “Fortunately, IDS did. They informed us in steps prior to Brexit and made preparations. When Brexit became a reality, IDS then unburdened us where necessary.” Robert Mulders, Transport Manager at IDS: “For a specialist shipper like Brunschwig, Brexit was a major challenge, and Brexit was uncharted territory for many companies.”

Standard invoice format developed
Many of Brunschwig’s goods come from Canada. IDS has unburdened the company by developing a standard format for invoices and sharing data with Customs. Boon: “The invoice was refined until it was perfect and accepted. Now we use it as a format for all invoices we receive from Canada. I am very happy that IDS has taken on the customs clearance.”

Flawless collaboration
The collaboration is ‘super flawless’, says Boon. “Even if we have to retrieve a cargo from England. I am happy that if I have questions about export documents, for example, I can always contact IDS.”