A carefree vacation

Aromatic lavender fields, sunshine and quality time with friends and family at last… with the holidays just around the corner, many of us catch ourselves daydreaming at our desks at this time of year. But it can be difficult to enjoy a carefree vacation when you know that staffing levels are at a minimum and the work continues to pile up. And that problem is not only limited to the holiday period, because the labour shortage poses additional challenges. The continuity is under growing pressure – and that’s enough to cause sleepless nights, with or without a heatwave. So how can you safeguard the continuity of your supply chain when resources are tight?



One of the most common solutions is a transport management system (TMS). A TMS serves as a linchpin ensuring the continuity of the logistics process. It connects freight flows to shippers and carriers, and improves the efficiency of order processing, planning, invoicing and communication. With numerous satisfied customers in the manufacturing, chemical and processing industries, at IDS we have clearly demonstrated that our TMS is also – and perhaps primarily – suitable for managing complex supply chains. Our TMS really proves its worth when shipment volumes, weights, frequencies and (international) destinations are constantly changing.

Supply chain specialists

At our offices in Utrecht, a team of supply chain specialists work in close collaboration with everyone concerned (customers, carriers, logistics service providers and other partners) to manage your transport activities. They have access to real-time information about all your shipments as well as the transport options. They draw on their knowledge and experience to warn you in the case of unexpected developments and to advise you on faster or more cost-effective solutions. And, if you wish, they can even handle your entire logistics process for you – either temporarily or permanently. Now that’s what we call ‘carefree’!

Keeping hold of the reins

If you prefer to keep hold of the reins yourself, a TMS makes it easy for you to process and check transport orders. It helps you to tidy up your file management and calculate rates, plus it gives you access to various freight audit and invoice control applications, including self-billing and an electronic freight audit tool.

Saving costs

The TMS selects the most efficient transport solution for every shipment, whether national or international, resulting in significant cost savings. We summarize these savings for you in a monthly report.


Lastly, the TMS ensures that more data is available, faster. You can access weekly, monthly or quarterly reports showing details of your freight flows, CO2emissions and/or customized transport activities. And because you receive this information quickly, you can gain rapid new insights into other areas of the supply chain where things can be done better, faster and cheaper.

So what about the continuity?

In addition to saving external costs, a TMS also enables companies to handle more work with fewer people. The TMS speeds up procedures and enables you to provide better service thanks to the up-to-date information. A reliable transport management system not only gives you peace of mind, but also safeguards the continuity of your service offering. Besides being reassuring during the holiday period, that opens up opportunities for further growth once the summer is behind us again.


To learn more about the IDS transport management system, contact Arno Spoek for a thorough discussion of your supply chain needs.