Digital transformation for small carriers: one step at a time

For many small transport carriers, the idea of extensively digitalizing their processes can seem like a huge step. The big logistics service providers have often already made substantial progress in this area, resulting in an ever-widening gap between the small carriers and their large-scale competitors. With their flexibility and expertise, the small and specialized carriers are an indispensable part of the transport sector. But how can they keep pace with the changing market?

digitalization logistics processes

High-risk operation

According to research by the German agency Herzig Marketing, 54% of small companies (with max. ten employees) have not yet implemented any digitalization projects. In comparison, that figure is just 8% for large companies (with more than 100 employees). The majority of the companies that are not yet executing digitalization projects indicate that they do not consider it to be necessary. Mainly because of the high costs involved and the high risk of failure. In this era of rapid technological advancement and artificial intelligence, however, the small and specialized carriers cannot afford to fall behind in the digital transformation.

IDS relieves the burden

At IDS, as a 4PL service provider, we are used to relieving the burden on our customers when it comes to logistics processes. Small carriers are very valuable for our customers; they reduce our clients’ reliance on the big carriers and have the flexibility to cope with unexpected situations or peaks in demand. If small carriers are not yet in a position to digitalize their own processes, our solutions such as the IDS Dashboard ensure that the end-to-end provision of information throughout the supply chain runs smoothly. Hence, our 4PL solutions enable customers to benefit from the flexibility and expertise of all relevant carriers – even the smaller ones.

Besides that, at IDS we can help small carriers to take their first steps towards digitalization by offering them solutions for aspects such as tracking & tracing, delivery-time prediction and digital proof of delivery. As a result, IDS helps small, motivated carriers who provide an excellent service to keep pace with current and future digitalization requirements.

To find out more about how IDS could help your organization in this context, feel free to contact our Business Development Manager, Arno Spoek.