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IDS picks up the pace

Oops. IDS on slippery ice.

The IDS employees compete against each other on the mirror-smooth ice floor of IceKart Rucphen-Breda. Who beats the chilling course and manages to get a place on the podium?! ❄️🏎 🏁

May 6th was the day. Overalls on, helmet on, gloves fit well and then taking a seat in the ice kart on the grid. Waiting for the lights to turn green, the tension rises. Luckily for most, it was the first time on slippery ice so we were given two 10-minute sessions to get used to the elements.

It soon became clear that with just your foot full on the gaspedal you are not going to win the race. A good dose of agility and a handy response to the circumstances is.

Then it was time for qualifying and like real Formula 1 stars, the IDS’ers had to set a time.

Surprise, surprise, there appeared to be quite a few talents in the group. The differences in times had to be found after the decimal point, but in the end the 8 best drivers found themselves in the final competing for that coveted trophy.

We keep who won a secret, but it is quite likely that revenge is coming.

Beautiful day together again!