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German tolls will double as of December 1, 2023

The decision has been made: German tolls will double as of December 1, 2023.

The doubling of the German toll (toll collection) will definitively take effect on December 1, 2023. What exactly is it, why has the German government chosen this, and what is the impact? We discussed it with one of the transportation specialists at IDS.

Transport to and through Germany by truck is going to become a bit more expensive. As of December 1, 2023, a separate CO2 tax of €200 per ton of CO2 will be introduced. This is in addition to the existing toll costs, roughly doubling the cost per kilometer. In addition to this surcharge, in mid-2024, there will also be a reduction in the toll threshold from 7.5 tons to 3.5 tons, requiring smaller trucks to pay tolls. Emission-free trucks are exempt from the levy until the end of 2025, after which they will pay 25% of the regular rate. This still needs approval from the German parliament. These changes apply to both transport to Germany and transport to countries where Germany must be traversed.

Why is this happening?

With this change in toll collection, the German government hopes to raise funds for the maintenance and further expansion of the road and rail network. At the same time, they aim to align with climate goals and stimulate a greening of the transport sector through a CO2 tax. These are commendable goals, but the costs will be borne by the carrier, and the additional expenses will naturally affect the cost structure, not to mention the inconvenient choice of the start date.

At IDS, we are eager to collaborate with shippers and carriers.

We will carefully manage all of these changes. Simultaneously, we are always looking for smarter methods to organize and optimize shipments. A good example is consolidation, where the average weight of the transported shipment(s) increases, but the costs per kilogram remain manageable.

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