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Delivering value

10 benefits in working with a 4PL

Shippers can benefit big time from using an independent 4PL transport management specialist as a one-stop-shop to all carriers.

We haveĀ  listed 10 of them.


Save time.

Because the 4PL takes care of the organization, the shipper can fully focus on its own core activities.

Cost optimization.

By maximizing efficiency, a 4PL will save costs for the shipper. An important element is the opportunity to save by consolidating shipments.

Performance management.

Because a 4PL is non-asset and independent from the carriers, it can independently measure and improve quality for the shipper.


Logistics operations can be more easily adapted to meet changing demand, growth and strategic reorientations such as nearshoring.


A 4PL can easily introduce innovative solutions and technologies to improve the supply chain and the cooperation between the different parts in the supply chain.

A wide network.

A 4PL has a access to a large list of carriers across all modalities while a shipper can also bring his/her own preferred carriers.


As a 4PL, it is easy to bring together expertise and resources from different 2PL and 3PL providers for the most suitable solution.


By using smart connectivity, a 4PL can link systems and parts in the supply chain so that data is available at the right time in the right place.

1 point of contact.

As a one-stop-shop, a 4PL acts as a central point of contact, simplifying communication and improving operational efficiency.

Risk management.

A 4PL can quickly identify risks in the supply chain, so that possible bottlenecks can be tackled at an early stage.