The best price for each shipment

Transportation Manager

At IDS, our employees have extensive professional experience in international transport processes and carrier management to provide optimal managed transportation services. Placing your contract management in their capable hands offers you the following benefits:

Agility to cope with fluctuating transport volumes

IDS can act swiftly to find suitable carriers in case of unexpected peaks in transport volumes or specific needs (new destinations, temperature-controlled transport, etc.).

The best price for each shipment

With their market insights, IDS’s transport professionals not only negotiate the best price/quality ratios for you but can also arrange a benchmark study or manage a tender for you.

More time to focus on strategy

Outsourcing your day-to-day transport management activities to IDS will free up valuable time for you to spend on strategic issues and continuous improvement instead.

Short- and long-term efficiency gains

Our advanced IT solutions ensure maximum consolidation of goods flows and the best prices for short-term gains. But at IDS we also focus on long-term cost reductions by improving your process efficiency for bundling of freight, invoicing/payment management and dispute handling. We can even take these tasks off your hands completely if you wish.

Reduce CO2 emissions in your supply chain

Maximum consolidation means more full truck loads (FTLs) and better reverse logistics. In addition to saving costs, this also reduces CO2 emissions in line with your environmental KPIs or targets. IDS’s certified CO2 reporting tool, developed in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), enables us to report CO2 data at any required level of detail (e.g. per shipment or per destination).