How can I effectively manage all those different carriers?

Supply Chain Manager

A future-proof supply chain revolves around agility, scalability and controllability. At IDS, we work with you to build all three of those factors into your supply chain effectively. Thanks to our neutrality and thorough knowledge of national and international transport markets, we can select the best carrier with the right specialization for each situation – quickly and flexibly.

IDS’s standardized processes and systems for managed transportation services ensure control, transparency and maximum transport synergy.

Reduce your supply chain costs
IDS advanced IT solutions can help you to optimize the efficiency of your international goods flows and reduce your supply chain costs by 15 to 20%. How?

  • Automated simulation tools reveal ‘quick wins’ and the biggest gains
  • Smart consolidation and combination of shipments
  • Streamlining of the invoicing process
  • Dedicated management of transport contracts and carriers (carrier management)
  • Systematic processing of disputes and claims

Improve your visibility
At IDS, we improve your visibility on the basis of customer shipment data:

  • By a periodical data dump
  • By an automated connection between you and IDS

Using a combination of their own expertise and a smart business intelligence program, the IDS transport specialists provide you with comprehensive reports based on 3 main pillars:

Supply chain managers

Reduce CO2 emissions in your supply chain
Maximum consolidation means more full truck loads (FTLs) and better reverse logistics. In addition to saving costs, this also reduces CO2 emissions in line with your environmental KPIs or targets. IDS’s certified CO2 reporting tool, developed in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), enables us to report CO2 data at any required level of detail (e.g. per shipment or per destination).