At IDS, we are specialists in arranging and managing transport by road, sea and air, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. We offer clear added value, particularly for freight with specific demands, such as shipments of hazardous goods (ADR), temperature-controlled forwarding or secure transport. No challenge is too great for IDS to tackle. Thanks to our proactive communication with our customers and our problem-solving approach, we truly put the ‘plus’ into Transport+ .

Road & Intermodal Transport

Over the years IDS has amassed a wealth of expertise in European road and intermodal transport. We select the most suitable carriers based on our customers’ wants and needs. We are completely neutral and have absolutely no connection to a particular transport company.

Our specializations in the areas of temperature-controlled, ADR and secure transport enable us to offer complete solutions for forwarding diverse products to any country in Europe. Thanks to our high transport frequency we can also guarantee short transit times to all these destinations. Whether for palletized groupage, part loads (LTL) or full truck loads (FTL), IDS can meet all your transport needs.

Temperature-controlled Transportation

Various national and international rules and regulations dictate that the transport of certain goods must comply with very high quality standards. Especially in view of the widely varying climate zones in Europe, it is essential to safeguard the cold chain in order to maintain product quality. At IDS, we are experts in temperature-controlled shipments, such as frost-free transport and refrigerated transportation.

Controlled Transport of Hazardous Goods (ADR)

The international transport of chemicals and other hazardous goods by road must comply with very strict safety requirements and specific legislation (as stipulated by the ADR Directive). IDS has extensive experience in managing these complex goods flows and in applying the ever-changing rules and regulations related to such shipments.

Secure Transport

At IDS, prevention is the key word in secure transport. We operate in accordance with strict procedures aimed at preventing theft-related losses during transport.