Tendering provides a clear insight into potential suppliers

Tendering is the term used to describe the procedure of comparing various suppliers before making a decision to source a product or service on the open market. The tender process makes it relatively easy to gain an insight into potential suppliers and their price/quality ratios. Tendering helps you to make well-considered choices for partners who will strengthen your supply chain.

Tendering advice

IDS has extensive experience of supervising and supporting tender processes for companies who intend to outsource some or all of their logistics and/or transport activities. In most cases, a tender process results in considerable cost savings. Our consultants are happy to take the lead in tendering projects. They draw up a project plan, conduct analysis and prepare the necessary documentation. Often, they also act as the primary contact person in the process and evaluate the results before providing their recommendations to the decision-makers. The tender process concludes with both parties (client and logistics service provider) signing the pricing agreement and the service level agreement (SLA). Tendering activities can include:

  • Complex transport tender which might involve international transportation of temperature-controlled and/or hazardous goods, for instance
  • Parts of a tender project, such as preparing necessary documentation (RFI, RFQ/RFP, SLA) or an evaluation model
  • Tendering on behalf of a shipper who wants to (initially) remain anonymous or have no contact with the potential service providers
  • A decision on whether or not to outsource, subsequently followed by a tender
  • Preparation of a longlist and/or shortlist of potential suppliers

Supply chain network analysis

Your network provides added value for your customers. Therefore we support you work to strengthen this network, focusing on two areas:

Warehouse Location

Your warehouse location highly impacts your cut off windows and delivery lead times. In case of international shipments, we highly recommend a warehouse location with swift access to a major, international hub, like a gateway mainport or a main express hub. We can provide support in selecting the best location for your warehouse. Based upon our expertise and our advanced optimization software we develop optimized supply chain networks. Your benefits are cost reduction, improved lead times and inventory availability providing an improved competitive edge.

Transport network

Your transportation network serves your customers existing and forecast needs as well as provides them new opportunities. From multimodal solutions for container- and bulk shipments to local parcel distribution, we provide support in developing the most effective and efficient distribution networks. Our solutions are based on updated benchmark information, innovative software and many years of hands-on experience.