At IDS, we can set up a Logistics Control Tower or Cross Chain Control Center (4C) to maintain a complete overview of all your shipments and coordinate them efficiently. Our state-of-the-art Transport Management System enables us to combine freight flows of various shippers, in order to achieve an optimal consolidation that will generate cost savings. We provide each customer with regular, transparent reports on the bundled shipment flows and the consolidation benefits achieved.

At IDS, we have taken the Logistics Control Tower concept to the next level, resulting in cross chain consolidation. Thanks to our neutral role, we are uniquely positioned to bundle the consignments of multiple shippers who have similar shipment profiles (in terms of type of goods, carriers, destinations and/or products). In this case, we serve as a Cross Chain Consolidation Center (4C) to achieve even greater cost savings.

Combining transparency with confidentiality To create transparency in the supply chain costs and performance and uncover further optimization opportunities, our experienced transport specialists use advanced software tools. In addition to coordinating the joint shipments as a trusted third party, they carefully manage and monitor the data flows between shippers and carriers to safeguard data privacy at all times. Thanks to the complete neutrality of IDS, the cost benefits are shared fairly and transparently between all the shippers whilst safeguarding the confidentiality of each company’s own data.

Control tower

Our customers benefit from our capacity, expertise and technology, all of which enable us to relieve the administrative burden and take much of the hassle out of managing transportation. Make IDS your first point of contact for all transportation issues!