As a 4PL-supply chain management provider we look for solutions and alternatives that will give you the ultimate results.


IDS is an independent, neutral provider of fourth-party logistics (4PL), Managed Transportation Service solutions, carrier management, Logistics Control Towers and Cross Chain Control Center (4C) services. At IDS, we don’t have our own truck fleet and nor do we own any warehouses; but what we do have is a wealth of know-how and experience to completely manage and optimize your transportation activities.

Ever since the foundation of the company in 1988, IDS has been a trendsetter in the application of information & communication technology (ICT) solutions as the basis for doing business more easily and efficiently, e.g. Tracking & Tracing, financial consolidation, electronic data interchange (EDI), online status information.

And IDS is still leading the way today in terms of developing new algorithms and online tools, such as transport management systems (TMS), to arrange transportation more efficiently for shippers and carriers alike. We combine our experience of managing carriers across all modes of transport – whether road, rail, water or air – with state-of-the-art ICT systems to give you, our customer, the ultimate results: operational efficiency, savings in your direct and indirect costs, delivery reliability and complete transparency in everything we do for you.

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