Blog: Taking the pressure off the customer service manager

I always have the utmost respect for people who work in the high-pressure environment of Customer Service at any company. Recruited for their good communication skills and helpful nature, they are the very public face of the whole team working behind the scenes. They ensure customer orders are dispatched on time and in full. They are expected to know everything… And if they don’t know it, to be able to find out immediately. Above all, they are there to pick up the pieces whenever things go wrong. In the case of a problem, all eyes are on them to come up with a satisfactory solution – and sometimes even to perform miracles!

It can be a thankless job. That’s why I’m happy that IDS helps to make the work of customer service managers a little bit easier. Thanks to our advanced IT systems, for example, they have a clear view of all shipments at their fingertips. This real-time visibility of what is where, and when it is expected to arrive enables them to answer clients’ questions quickly and effectively.

Proactive approach

Increasingly, customer service managers are taking a more proactive approach to keeping customers informed throughout the whole process. Automated solutions such as track and trace are invaluable in this respect. In the case of any potential delivery problems or irregularities, the IDS system automatically issues alerts. That way, the employee can contact the customer to pre-empt a bottleneck and discuss an alternative solution if necessary – before panic strikes!

It probably comes as no surprise, but customer service is important for us at IDS too. Our specialists work closely with you to actively look for improvement areas and opportunities. For example, with our managed transportation services (MTS), we can even take things a step further. We relieve the burden on your Customer Service department by taking care of certain tasks on your behalf. Thinks like handling disputes with carriers, for example. Together, we optimally align your activities with your clients’ needs in order to further raise your service level.

Fewer miracles required

In fact, if we zoom out a little, all of our solutions make life easier for the Customer Service department. After all, by helping to keep things running smoothly and efficiently for transport managers, supply chain managers, IT managers and financial managers, we improve delivery performance, keep costs down resulting in lower prices for customers and reduce the number of errors in all departments – including invoices. All of this ultimately boosts customer satisfaction. And, if nothing else should hopefully mean that customer service managers are required to perform fewer miracles!

Feel free to contact me if you’re interested in exploring how we can help to take the pressure off your Customer Service department. Or read our tips on how to develop an outside-in mindset when it comes to customer satisfaction and your supply chain.