Blog: What’s in it for me?

As Business Development Manager at IDS, I get to talk to quite a few people. In fact,
I find myself discussing topics such as 4PL, control towers and the impact of the impending Brexit with countless IT managers, logistics managers, finance managers and other professionals in the logistics sector pretty much every day. One thing that strikes me is that, irrespective of whether transport managers are working in the manufacturing, chemicals or agricultural industry, their challenges are almost identical and the same holds true for customer service managers and other disciplines. Furthermore, there is often a certain amount of discord between them and their colleagues in other departments, despite them all sharing the same end goals: more efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.  


Needless to say, for supply chain specialists its ultimately about running as a well-oiled machine in which all the individual components work together in perfect harmony. So why is there still so much friction in that machine? The answer is largely due to human nature. Whenever anything changes, people tend to think of the consequences for themselves rather than the bigger picture and in logistics, things are changing all the time.. 



Therefore, whenever Im talking to any of these professionals, I put myself in their shoes and start by asking myself the question: Whats in it for me? Over the coming months, I will be peeling back the organizational layers in a series of blogs to reveal what a smooth-running supply chain really means for logistics managers, IT managers, finance managers, customer service managers and transport managers. Which challenges do the various disciplines face? How does one decision impact on another? I will be drawing parallels, explaining how things work in practice and above all highlighting common ground as the basis for making improvements together.  


Because one things for sure: no matter what role you play within the supply chain, you’re definitely not alone in facing challenges and who knows, perhaps we can even collaborate to find the optimal solution for your supply chain. Ill tell you more next month, but for now I wish you a great start to the summer!